Why is Slow Weight Loss important?

Losing extra pounds can be a frustrating experience. Losing weight as we get older may encourage the loss of muscle as well as fat if it is done too quickly. Muscle loss is one of the key factors in slowing the rate of metabolism which will set a person up for easy weight gain in the future. Muscle mass is extremely important for physical mobility. A decrease in muscle mass will cause a weakening of the skeletal frame. Good quality protein sources are important to preserve muscle mass as we slowly lose weight. How much or how little protein depends on the individual.  Stress brought on by recovering from an injury or surgery may need more than the suggested amount which is 25 to 30 grams per meal. Consider each snack as a little meal. Make sure one third of the meal or snack is balanced with a protein source. Go about it slowly. It might take as long to lose the extra weight as it took to gain but this will be longer lasting.