Why are Squirrels always Digging?

Every so often a new study is conducted on squirrels.
It is usually done in Central Park where there is an
extremely high concentration of these little creatures.
The study not only involves their number and color
but also their habits. It seems that there is a great deal
of thought that goes into their daily activities. They are
masters in the art of deception. Squirrels will actually
plant a fake nut which could be a rock if they feel they
are being watched by another squirrel. They also engage
in what is called ”spacial chunking”. That is they arrange
the planting of their nuts according to size, type of nut
and even according to their nutritional value. They are
able to record all these facts by rubbing each nut on their
cheeks to let off their scent. These little guys plant in
patterns they are able to follow throughout the winter to
make sure they meet all their dietary needs.