Where does it all go?

Where do all the items that we dispose of end up? Are we able to recycle a portion of the impact we are placing on our landfills? The answer is yes. Aluminum foil, for instance, is an item that can be recycled with cans and is easily converted into new foil. Nike has a Reuse-A-Shoe program in which you are able to turn in your useless, overused sneakers to any Nike store where they will reconvert them into new shoes regardless of the brand. There is a National Crayon Recycle Program in which broken or half used crayons can be recycled. The only requirement is that the paper wrapping not be removed for color identity purposes. Office Depot Stores will accept small out of date TVs. Yemm & Hart will accept old wine corks and will convert them into new floor tiles. Chance Toys will give any still-working plastic toys to needy children keeping them from ending up in landfills. Since China has decided to not accept trash as it formally did, it may be necessary to start thinking of alternatives for all the waste we are producing. We are all very busy and this does take time and effort to redirect all of these reusable items but it may be necessary for the health of our planet.