Peace and Quiet in the Ocean…



Marine animals and their behavioral patterns can be greatly upset
by all the activity that takes place in the waters of the oceans and seas.
The sounds of propellers, sonar and drilling can interfere with the
sounds the sea animals use to communicate.
Most marine life, especially
whales and dolphins, have poor visibility and rely on sound to communicate
long distances. The Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap Draft is a first attempt
of setting standards for reducing the level of ocean noise by showing its
effect on ocean life. The National Academy of Sciences was commissioned
by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to do a study on the effects
of these noises on sea life. They are setting an example by using ships that
are much quieter to conduct their study. Another danger of all the noise
produced by ships is that some larger animals have become so accustomed
to the noise of ships that they no longer see them as a threat and do not move
out of the way when a vessel is approaching. Noise, as opposed to other
environmental threats, is a less complicated issue to reduce

…Source Readers Digest