How to Sleep naturally…

Posted by Lenny Variano on December 30, 2011

    Why is it when we seem to be so tired we just cannot fall asleep? Our mindsSleep,exercise, food, rest, caffeine,nutrition are racing and our body just feels like it is going to collapse. Is it what we have eaten? Is it when we have eaten? Is it the stress that so many of us go through daily whether it be from work, finance, raising a family? How do we put all of this in it’s proper place so we are able to sleep when it is time to sleep?

  Food: Late night eating can be a major cause of not being able to fall asleep. Eating too heavy too late in the evening can confuse the body. Instead of concentrating on shutting down it has been put back into digestive mode. Try avoiding any fatty foods at least three hours before retiring.

Sleep,exercise, food, rest, caffeine,nutritionQuiet: Give yourself time to wind down. Try not to sleep in a room with the T.V. on. Give yourself at least 30 minutes of peace minimum before you call it a day.

Routine: If you have a difficult night sleeping, don’t resolve it by oversleeping the next morning. Forcing yourself to get up the same time every morning will eventually put your body on a time schedule. Eventually your body rhythm will set itself for a particular time it must sleep and a particular time to awake.

Caffeine: Constantly stimulating yourself throughout the day with cola, coffee, and chocolateSleep,exercise, food, rest, caffeine,nutrition can have a cumulative effect by the time you are ready to retire.

Exercise: Strenuous exercise can rejuvenate one self and therefore prevent sleep. It can take up to 4 hours for the body to cool down and start to relax. Better to stick with milder activities such as Yoga and stretching.

Alcohol: Can make you very sleepy but will result in a shallow, restless unsatisfying night of sleep.

Ventilation:Try lowering the heat, opening a window and sleeping with a big quilt. Fresh air will keep your airway clear and prevent stuffiness.

Napping: Keep yourself from napping during the day if you are having several bad nights of sleep. This will reinforce the idea that a certain time has been set aside for sleeping.

Retraining your body and mind to relax and rest takes time and patience. Pay attention to your inner signals. Stress is all around us. It has to be faced and dealt with in a non destructive way. Rely on calming foods, stress reducing exercise and support from family and friends.




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  • Get out! Do more activities outside. Being in the cold makes the house seem Wellness, health,fitness, digestion,recipes,exercise, teas,electronics,nutritionwarmer when you return. This in turn will require less heating.
  • If you have overeaten and your stomach is upset, rely more on peppermint and ginger teas as well as other natural remedies instead of over the counter medication.
  •  Air out your clothing instead of over dry cleaning. This is beneficial for you as well as the environment.
  •  Add bean and grain dishes to your Holiday party menu. Not only are they nutritious and warming but they can be quite magical in keeping you “regular.”
  • Stay social! Lack of Vitamin D along with being reclusive can make the winter seem longer.

Wellness, health,fitness, digestion,recipes,exercise, teas,electronics,nutrition

  •  Park further from your destination. This will encourage walking.
  • Have a small bowl of soup and a piece of fruit before you go to a party. This will prevent you from over eating.
  • Set one day aside in which you use no electronics. Spend the time with friends or family or simply being quiet.
  •  Use gentle soaps free of chemicals, this will prevent dryness and itchiness.Wellness, health,fitness, digestion,recipes,exercise, teas,electronics,nutrition
  • Laugh! Turn any unpleasant situation around and have a good laugh about it.
  •  Before retiring reflect on 3 good things that have happened that day.
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The World Trade Center Memorial

Posted by Lenny Variano on December 11, 2011

My wife and I took a trip down to the Site where the World trade center stood. The two fountains that were placed where the footprints of the towers were are simply overwhelming. The space and the design are a tribute to all who died on 9/11. So many of us have lost someone that terrible day it is wonderful to finally have someplace to go and sit and honor these people. For all of you who haven’t gone although it can bring up very sad memories, it is also a truly beautiful and comforting park and memorial.

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1. Chewing: Our digestion begins in our mouths, chewing food until it is totally soft will eventually lead to feeling full sooner.  

2. Mindful Eating: Being totally in the moment while we are eating and not  preoccupied with T.V., the computer or multitasking.           

3. Portion control: Keeping in mind that our stomach is the size of our fist should be a guide to portion size.

4. Food combining: Make sure that all of your meals and snacks have a healthy combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats, this will sustain you longer and ward off hunger.

5.  Contentment: Always strive to walk away when you are feeling 80% full. That is, strive to feel satisfied not bloated.

6. Time frame: Refrain from eating at least 3 hours before bedtime. This will allow your body to concentrate on sleep rather then digestion.                                                    

7. Sleep: Insufficient rest will produce stress hormones which in turn will cause weight retention.

8. Hydrate: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help the body rid itself of unnecessary salt, sugar and chemicals.

9. Snacks: Making sensible choices between meals will keep our sugar and metabolism at a steady rate. 

10. Exercise: Incorporate some form of activity into your daily routine. Exercise can eliminate unhealthy cravings.

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