So many products on the market are loaded with unnecessary additives and artificial sweeteners. Those of you who don’t want to rely on commercial products to replace your electrolyte imbalance after strenuous activity can try this alternative.


  Electrolyte replenishment drink:

-2 cups coconut water

-1 teaspoon salt

-1 teaspoon Stevia or honey

-1 liter of water

  (courtesy of The International Sports Science Association)

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Feeling a bit jammed?…..

Posted by Lenny Variano on April 30, 2012

clutter-paper clutter-overloadAmericans are avid consumers. There is nothing wrong with that.  It stimulates the economy and rewards us for our hard work. Everyone loves something new. Whether it be new clothes, up to date technology, new items for the home or garden or maybe new sports equipment. All of these give us another dimension to our lives. Problems arise when we refuse to let go of the old and replace it with the “new”.  How do we free ourselves from the “old” before it becomes CLUTTER! we begin to feel JAMMED! or we begin receiving offers to star in a reality show called HOARDERS! Some of us take the route where we buy colored bins and storage containers and attempt to store and organize all the clutter. A few of us take the quick route of simply dumping everything in our basements or attic spaces or actually renting storage space. clutter storageOut of sight out of mind. Others choose the procrastination route which can lead to frustration, irritability and lack of focus. A good start–go through your clothing, anything you have not worn in the past two years should be donated.  There are wonderful recycling programs provided locally for any outdated computer or technical equipment. If you are in the habit of accumulating information about this or that, organize and file it in whatever tech device you use, get rid of the paper in your life! On a personal note, there is just so muchclutter bins duct tape that you should use before it’s time to say goodbye to old, worn out sports equipment. Practicing breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, weight training, martial arts or simply strenuous exercise can help us focus on what we really need in our lives instead of filling it up with clutter. And don’t fret, if all of these suggestions fail–there are lots of people that would love to do this for you for a fee.

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April recipe of the month…

Posted by Lenny Variano on April 25, 2012



1 can of Norwegian sardines in oil
1 Medium onion
1 Palm-full of raisins

In a small frying pan saute’ chopped onion (in canola oil) until golden
Add raisins to the mixture and heat them until they are plump
Gently lay the sardines over the mixture, cover and heat.

Nutritional facts:

   Sardines are one of the richest and purest forms of Omega3 fatty acids. They feed only on Plankton which makes them less vulnerable to toxicity. They are also a great source of protein. Combining them with onions (a great source of fiber) and raisins (for energy), you will have a well balanced meal of carbs, fats, protein, minerals and vitamins.

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    Headaches may be caused by the lack of minerals or vitamins in a diet. some of the obvious causes for head pain may have very simple solutions.
baked potato             watermelon
   Headaches brought on                   Headaches brought on
   by alcohol can at times                  by over exertion as
   be relieved by eating a                   in very demanding
   baked potato. Since                       activities can cause
   alcohol acts as a diuretic              dehydration. Watermelon
   the potato can replace the            is rich in magnesium,
   loss of potassium.                          key to headache prevention
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