Always do a proper warm-up before you begin your workout.  If muscles are cold and stiff it can result in sprains and tears.

   How to stretch, dynamic stretching,injuries-fitness A warm up using “Dynamic Stretching”  can greatly decrease the risk of injury. Stretching prepares the body for physical exercise.  It brings blood and oxygen to the soft tissue before exertion.  What is different about “Dynamic Stretching” is that it gently propels you to a full range of motion without incorporating jerky movements that force you beyond your range.  It should be a series of rhythmical, smooth, intentional stretches with no more than 10 to 12 repetitions.  Its purpose is to increase core and muscle temperature and stimulate the nervous system.  Examples of “Dynamic Stretching” would be swinging or rotation of arms and legs as well as rotating the trunk of the body.

    In general, movements should resemble the movements which will later be performed in that Dynamic stretching, how to stretch, exercising, weight training-fitnessparticular activity ( ex.– a martial artist would simulate one of his techniques in a more gentle and controlled fashion). It is now being recognized by many coaches as a means to increase sports performance and greatly reduce injury. Take a few minutes to incorporate it into your routine and you will soon see how beneficial it can be.

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    Losing weight seems to remain one of the main topics in our society. So many of us strive breastfeeding, nutrition. weight controlfor a certain weight even though reaching that weight may not be the healthy weight for our particular body type. The constant bombardment by the media of what we should look like has completely clouded our vision of how a healthy person should look. This is true for both men and women. We have so many diet options at our disposal all promising to help us reach our goals. The problem is that we cannot all have the same goal since we are all biologically different.

health, sleeping nutrition    Forget the word diet and replace it with “a healthy way of eating”.  When we replace fried or fatty meats with lean proteins, fast burning sugars with slow burning carbohydrates for sustained energy, heavy fats with rich sources of fatty acids our bodies will naturally settle at a comfortable weight.

    This along with mindful eating, proper chewing and being more aware of portion size are all tools to help us determine when we are truly hungry.

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Herb of the week…Oregano

Posted by Lenny Variano on February 23, 2012

Oregano, Herb, Nutrition, easy recipeOregano is native to the Mediterranean Region. It comes from the Greek meaning  “delight of the mountains”. It was used by the Greeks as compresses for sore muscles and by the Chinese for fever reduction. It is rich in antioxidants (as many as 28 have been noted) and has a slightly bitter taste. Because of its versatility it lends itself well to soups and any meat dish. However it works best with any recipe that includes tomatoes. Use it freely. Better to buy it fresh, whenever possible and dry out and save for future use.

Something as simple as taking fresh organic tomatoes and then slicing them, adding olive oil, oregano, and grilling can bring you to a new level of taste.


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Vary your cooking style. If you find that you prefer eating certain foods more than others, try different methods of preparation to deliver different taste sensations. Steaming, quick boil, stir fry, sauteing or soups are just a few examples.

Vegetables, steaming, nutrition, recipes, cookingSteaming (left) & Sauteing (bottom)

vegetables, cooking, recipes saute', nutrition

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