Who needs friends?………

Posted by Lenny Variano on September 1, 2012

With all the discussion on what we should eat to provide our bodies with proper nutrition, how many of us realize how friends feed us both spiritually and mentally. Some of us have been fortunate enough to have longstanding friendships. This does not negate the fact that a close friendship can evolve with someone you have only met a few months prior. Where do we draw the line with whom we consider a close friend and someone we consider merely an acquaintance. What gives a person the special classification of friend?  Is it the fact that a friend is someone you feel you can call whenever you are in need of support? Someone who will overlook when you are having a bad day and not take it personally. I’m not suggesting that any type of behavior should be acceptable. If a sincere effort to look at ourselves honestly, admit that we have not acted correctly and make an strong effort to maintain the friendship the results can only result in a stronger bond between two people. A good friend will always wish you good fortune and will never be jealous of your success.  Close friends are always eager to share their friends and ideas making the relationship both inspiring and exhilarating. Research has shown that having just one great friend can have a major impact on a longer life span, lower blood pressure, reduced rates of distress, greater resistance to illness, and just better psychological and physical health in general. It may be simply the fact that a good friend will make the greatest effort to discourage  any type of unhealthy behavior. Just look at our pets, especially dogs. They are not demanding, They are forgiving immediately and they are always overjoyed to see us. What about our part in the friendship? Along with returning all that you expect from a friend, you should be interested, be positive, don’t gossip, disagree in a healthy manner and be genuinely happy for your friends. Ideal friendships provide support when you are down, fun when you are up and wisdom when you are lost. “Some people go to priest,some to poetry I to my friends”…Virginia Woulf 

“A best friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway” …Elbert Hubbert

“My best friend is someone who brings out the best in me”…Henry Ford




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Activity tip of the week…

Posted by Lenny Variano on August 14, 2012
 As we age our bodies have a tendency to lose muscle mass which is known a sarcopenia. There are many proteins on the market today all of which promise to help us retain and build some of that muscle. One of the richest form of protein comes from Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese contains what is know as Casein protein. This is a slow acting protein which can be beneficial as a late night snack. It enters the body slowly as it nourishes and feeds  necessary protein to your muscles as you sleep.


Cottage cheese and apple sauce are a great combo especially as a late night snack ( I prefer a 1% creamy brand of cottage cheese)

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August recipe of the month…..

Posted by Lenny Variano on August 11, 2012



Eggs, Figs, onions,avocado,easy recipe, nutrition


4-egg whites and 2 egg yolks-beaten with a little milk

4-dried figs cut up into small pieces

1 medium size onion

1/4 of an avocado (cut in little squares)


In a small frying pan saute chopped onion until it is dark tan (separate and put on the side)
-In a 7″ frying pan heat a thin layer of Canola oil.
-When the oil is hot pour in the egg mixture.
-Lay in the onions evenly.
-Next spread the dried figs over on top.
-Place the avocado squares over all.
-Cover and when it starts to rise, flip it and brown the other side.
-Cut into small squares and serve as an appetizer.
Cooking Tip:
Slide the frittata onto a plate when it is done on one side. Take the frying pan cover it and turn the plate over. This is much easier than trying to flip it.

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overeating,binging,nutritionOur daily lives have become so consumed with stress that many of us seek refuge in food.  We sometimes forget that food is our principle source of fuel for the body and view it mainly as a source of comfort. Unfortunately this view of food can lead to overindulging and in more severe cases non stop binging. What is even more dangerous is the type of food consumed can be totally non nutritious, leaving us both physically and mentally upset. overeating,binging,nutritionIt is so important to understand the correlation of food to our nutritional needs as well as our state of mind. For instance, the desire for salt may be the result of too much medication or supplementation. The need to munch on something crunchy can be the result of repressed anger, pressure and frustration. Something spicy can have its roots in having consumed too much fat. Soft and creamy is emotionally soothing and comforting. An overwhelming desire for sugar indicates possibly the lack of protein, dehydration or simply a strong addiction to it. Eating to cope has always been a way of not dealing with what is really the problem.overeating,binging,nutrition The results have made stress eating one of our major problems. Then there is eating as a reward for something great that has occurred. This can go as far back as childhood when we were given a food reward if we were good. The trouble with this is it can result in rewards for even the smallest action. When the desire to binge emerges take a step back and see if you are really hungry. Maybe just drinking a large glass of water slowly and taking the time to breath can help. Brushing your teeth can remove the desire for any food. Exercise always works. If the urge occurs when you are in front of the TV or the computer shut them off and see if you can stop mindless eating by not having any distraction. overeating,binging,nutritionTry not to keep foods that may bring on binging in the house. Lastly try to go for foods that are at least healthy.  Being successful can be the reward in itself.  And if you should fall short, remember tomorrow is a new opportunity.

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