Vary your cooking style. If you find that you prefer eating certain foods more than others, try different methods of preparation to deliver different taste sensations. Steaming, quick boil, stir fry, sauteing or soups are just a few examples.

Vegetables, steaming, nutrition, recipes, cookingSteaming (left) & Sauteing (bottom)

vegetables, cooking, recipes saute', nutrition

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A healthy nutritious sandwich does not have to be a complicated experience. Peanut butter with a layer of walnuts and agave on toasted whole grain bread is as satisfying for the adult palette as well as for a child. It is a wonderful alternative if spoilage is an issue.

peanut butter sandwich, easy recipe, nutritiousWhole grain bread, slow burning carbs,fitness, health, nutrition,energy






Organic, unsalted Peanut butter on toasted whole grain bread

with Agave and a layer of Walnuts

agave, greek yogurt, peanut butter, easy recipe, healthy nutritious snackWalnuts, omega 3 oil, healthy nutritious snack,






Provides sufficient protein to ward of hunger, beneficial Omega 3 fats for taste,

and sufficient slow burning carbs for sustained energy.

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There are so many vegetables available to us, especially if you live near or in a big city. Experiment with new, strange and odd looking vegetables. You will discover new taste sensations and new health benefits which some of these vegetables contain. Mistakes are O.K.,(they have led to quite a few interesting recipes) ask someone for help or just check out the internet for suggestions. Enjoy something new and exciting.

zucchini flowers, mozzarella,saute,easy recipe.Zucchini Flowers are great as a side dish. Stuff them with a little mozzarella, dip them in flower, then egg and lightly saute’ in olive oil.
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February recipe of the month

Posted by Lenny Variano on February 6, 2012

Recipe of the Month
Pizza, easy recipe, nutrition

Protein Muffin Pizzas

  • 1 Package English muffins ( I prefer “Food for Life” brand
  • Jar of Organic Pasta red Sauce
  • Sliced low salt Turkey
  • Sliced Provolone ( I prefer “Alpine Lace” low Fat brand }
  • Grated Locatelli cheese ( or whatever grated cheese you prefer}

In a large baking pan split the English Muffins and toast them on both sides under the broiler until they are firm but not burnt ( keep an eye on them]

Next lay them flat, put a large slice of turkey on each one, cut so they do not overhang

Follow with a slice of provolone, cut to fit

Next top with your sauce followed by grated cheese

Place again under broiler, no more than 1 to 2 min. Just until cheese melts.

Serve with a large salad

This meal provides a solid combination of good slow burning carbs, lean protein and healthy amount of fat.

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