What the Cat’s nose knows about nutrition…

Lenny Variano   
Oct 07

I want you to meet Thorn. The reason she has been named so is because she has become a thorn in my side. She is a feral cat.  We had her spayed and now she acts as if she owns our property. I cannot touch her but every morning and evening she stares at me through our back door until she is given something to eat. The problem is that if I give her commercial cat food she sniffs it and backs away. I started to think “what exactly is in commercial cat food that a street cat would rather go without eating then ingest it”. It reinforced the idea in me that maybe we should spend a little more time preparing our meals, eating with our family and stop relying so much on processed foods. Maybe we should start using our sense of smell  to enjoy more of what we are eating. By the way the only food Thorn will eat is warm roasted organic chicken. What a life!

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