Exercise or Movement a big part of Health and Nutrition

Lenny Variano   
Nov 14
Some form of movement should be part of our daily routine to keep our state of mind, as well as our focus and outlook on life moving in a positive direction. Movement can come from any source that truly makes us feel alive. This does not necessarily mean spending hours at the gym if that is not an enjoyable experience. Dancing, swimming, fast walking with a friend or pet, gardening- these are all activities that...Read More

7 Healthy nutritious energy snacks recipes

Lenny Variano   
Nov 10
1.Container of plain Greek Yogurt with a one tablespoons of peanut butter and a tablespoon of Agave   2. Four fresh figs and two organic hard boiled eggs   3. One Apple with two tablespoons of almond butter   4. Two slices of low salt Sweet Provolone with a stem of grapes (15) and a handful of small whole grain crackers (10)   5. Two slices of rolled turkey and a large pear.   6....Read More

Digestion, Exercise, Nutrition and how they are all related

Lenny Variano   
Oct 23
Does poor digestion lead to poor absorption of minerals by the body? The absorption of minerals from our food  takes place in most part within the small intestine. It is here that the nutrients from what we eat are delivered into the bloodstream. They in turn are carried by the blood to the different organs of our body. An unhealthy gut (GI track) can be  symptomatic of an allergic reaction to a food or something...Read More

Easy, nutritious green leafy vegetable recipes

Lenny Variano   
Oct 18
                                                                                                                      Broccoli Rabe with Olives: Saute garlic until tan in a medium size pot add washed broccoli...Read More