Oranges May Ward off Macular Degeneration…

According to a study at The Westmead Institute of Medical Research in Australia
there is evidence of a connection between orange consumption and the prevention
of macular degeneration. The study included 2000 adults all above age 49. Eating
one orange a day reduced the possibility of contracting the disease by as much as
60%. The study followed participants for 15 years while studying their eating habits.
The phytonutrients in foods that contain Vitamins A, C and E have long been
associated with the antioxidant effect they have on the body. The study also included
the effects of other foods such as teas, apples and wine. However, the carotenoids
derived from the color in oranges have a strong effect on preventing eye disease
because of their anti-inflammatory benefits on the immune system. At present
there is no cure for macular degeneration but eating as little as one orange a week
has been shown to have a positive preventative effect.