Naps not only feel amazing and rejuvenating, but they can also have health benefits. A study in the journal “Heart” linked napping to a lower risk of heart disease. According to The American Psychological Association, naps can improve memory, learning capacity as well as improve immune function and mood. There are 4 stages of the sleep cycle and depending on the length of your nap will determine what phase you most likely will enter. Stage 1-dosing off, Stage 2-body functions slow down, Stage 3-restorative sleep, Stage 4-REM, most likely to dream.

20-minute nap- in this short time you can enter stage 2 in which body and mind can reach full relaxation.

60-minute nap- This is enough time for repairing tissue, fortifying your immune system as well as feeling recharged.

90-minutes- a complete sleep cycle is 90 minutes. Most likely you will enter the dream cycle.

However, more than 90 minutes can interfere with nighttime sleeping. I personally do not have time to take a 90-minute nap. I sometimes only need to enter stage 1 which is simply to be allowed to doze off even for 10 minutes. Napping is personal. Some people get enough deep sleep at night and never feel the need to nap.