Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…

Research is showing that sleeping in the same room with your dog whether your pet is sharing the bed or just lying on the floor, is proving to be beneficial to our health. According to recent poles from dog owners 50% regard their pet as a member of the household and they no longer relegate him or her to a doghouse. In a study performed at the Mayo Clinic of Phoenix, 40 dogs and their masters participated. To monitor activity the dogs wore a Fit-bark and the Humans wore an Anti-watch 2. After 7 days they discovered that both the dogs and their owners slept soundly. Sleep efficiency of between 80 and 85% were recorded for both which is a high number for determining a good night’s sleep. It is possibly due to the fact that most people develop a sense of security with a dog somewhere near. For those who live alone the closeness can reduce loneliness which often leads to depression. Most owners slept better when the dog slept beside the bed as opposed to on it. However, this might not be a great idea if the dog is a puppy or if there is also a new baby in the room. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should get a new pair of PJ’s for Fido but if he is insisting on lying next to your bed it may be a healthy move to consider.