Is it true that it is better to give than to receive? Some attribute it to the fact that it makes one feel that your life is more valuable. Can doing good for someone else counter act anxiety, depression, as well as all the stress brought about by the pandemic. “Prosocial Behavior” is a term given to acting in a way that may be beneficial or helpful to others.  An act of kindness can bring about both positive mental and physical changes from lowering stress levels to releasing feel-good hormones. Even Darwin who wrote about survival of the fittest felt that caring for others is instinctual. An act of kindness can be as simple as a positive e-mail to someone who may be having a rough day. Sociologists feel it should begin with the next generation. That is teaching children to empathize with others, recognize injustice and take part in changing things. Compassion can release serotonin to counter depression and at the same time slow heart rate to calm a person down. Empathy is fine but an act of kindness needs to have a follow up. Being able to see and feel that someone needs help is only half of the solution. It needs to be accompanied by action. Community is created by kindness. Researchers are finding that celebrating a friend’s success is as or more important than responding to when that person is in need. Kindness is also the ability to tell the truth to someone in a gentle but constructive way. It goes both ways which means that you should be able to receive constructive criticism if done with kindness. Most of all it means being kind and taking care of oneself.