How to Deal with Stress…With Stress!

Stress RopeStress surrounds our lives daily. Everything from our job to relationships to financial concerns can be sources of stress. This constant bombardment can in the long term cause great bodily harm. Let’s look at the different types of stress. Here is how they would be abbreviated if they were texts. IS (immediate stress) sudden immediate danger ex. being chased by a bear. LLS (long, lasting stress) a prolonged period of stress ex. stuck in a traffic jam for hours. PS (psychological stress) a period of days or weeks thinking of an upcoming stressful situation with either a person, place or event. ICS (ingesting caffeine stress) deliberately putting the body under stress by either energy drinks, excess coffee or tea. Although all these types of stress are totally different, the body is not able to recognize this andStress runners in turn will respond in the same manner by releasing adrenaline to cope. Allostatic load is the term now being used for how the body responds to these repeated bouts of stress, especially the psychological type which can be the most damaging. What we should strive for is the state of allostatis–the point when we are able to favorably deal with stress. So how can we turn things around and make stress work for us? The answer is exercise. Pushing the body to its limits is another form of stress. The only difference is that we are in control. We can stop the stress whenever we feel it is becoming too much to handle. Just as all the other forms of stress, exercise also forces the body to release cortisol in response to the release of adrenaline. In so doing, Stress dogwhen we increase our level of activity we increase the level of cortisol our body is able to endure. This will prepare us to handle future rigors and stressful situations. In other words pushing the body to its healthy limits. Following a period of exercise we more then likely will find ourselves in an enhanced mood. Maintaining this enhanced mood will make it easier for us to handle a stressful situation when it occurs. So go ahead, stress yourself out deliberately with an intense exercise session. Just remember to fortify yourself with proper nutrition so you will have the stamina to keep up with whatever you are attempting to achieve.