Great news for Diabetics:

   DiabetesInsulin is the hormone that acts as a shuttle in moving glucose (blood sugar) from the bloodstream into the cells where it can be used for energy. When there is an overload of glucose the beta cells in the pancreas, responsible for the production of insulin, have to produce more and more. Diabetes1They then have to work harder and harder to compensate. Eventually it is too much for them and they “poop out”. It was formally believed that they simply die but now in studies with mice they are finding that they in fact do not die but rather return to a dormant state. It seems that these cells lose a certain protein called Diabetes3Foxol which inhibits them from producing insulin. Some major causes for the loss of this protein may be the stress brought on by pregnancy, obesity and aging. Researches are now working on the possibility of reversing this regression and as a result stimulating these beta cells to once again perform their task of producing insulin.