Flower Power…

Flowers are a big part of our lives. They are present in so many occasions, from happy as well as sad. Now they have even taken a prominent place at our dinner table. Hibiscus is now present in beer, water, and tea. It can convey a tart, cranberry like flavor. Some have found that it may even curb your appetite for sweetness. Marigolds are known as the poor man’s saffron. They have a tangy peppery taste. They are a great addition to salads and rice dishes. The petals of carnations, when cut away from the base, have a sweet flavor that can be used as cake decorations and liqueurs. Chrysanthemums are now used to flavor vinegar. Dandelions, when the flower is picked very young, have a very sweet flavor. Nasturtiums are the most used edible flower. They have a taste like watercress. Sunflower buds have a taste close to artichoke hearts. However, there are many flowers that are similar in appearance to those mentioned above and can be dangerous. It is better to purchase edible flowers from a reputable source instead of eating the bouquet that someone has sent to you.