Fishing For Plastic

Approximately 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year.
A new initiative by the Indian government called Suchitwa Sagarem
(Clean Sea) is putting this plastic to use with the help of its fishermen.
These fisherman have caught more then 25 tons of plastic in the last
10 months which will all be turned into roads within the country. Not
only will this relieve the burden of plastic in the ocean but it is a less
costly way of constructing roadways. This plastic is a much more durable
plastic as opposed to that which is traditionally used. It seems that recycled
plastic is much more capable of withstanding the intense heat in India. In
the US alone we use and discard 500 million straws a day. Hopefully other
countries and companies will follow suit. Adidas for one has just introduced
its new running shoe which is also made entirely from plastic recovered
from the ocean.