Does Weight Maintenance require a Boring Diet?

According to a 2014 British Study, people who ate the same breakfast daily were more consistent in weight management.  Starting the day with the same breakfast assures you that your intake of calories is the same if you are calorie counting. It is less time consuming since there is less stress about planning a different breakfast. It can also eliminate the desire to overeat. Some feel that it sets the tone for creating healthy eating habits.  However, people who have a diverse diet are more prone to be slimmer and healthier. Eating the same breakfast daily can limit the amount of healthy nutrients you are allowing to enter the body. You may be unconsciously eliminating important microbes in the gut which can actually lead to being overweight. Since each particular food requires a specific-bacteria that can utilize it, the key to weight management is a variety of foods. Of course, this does not mean leaning on takeout, the key is still healthy nutritious calorie dense foods. If you desire a variety of foods that will keep you within the same calorie range, there are apps that can guide you or even better, work with a nutritionist for more options.