“Working with Lenny I was able to eliminate chemicals from my diet and I was able to obtain energy without any artificial stimulus. I learned healthy eating through easy recipes. I found his program to be flexible and accommodating to the individual.” …Steve D. Brooklyn, NY.

“his coaching gave me confidence to reach a health weight. I learned how to make better choices whether I am at home or eating out. My water consumption has increased and my water consumption has decreased.” …Z.S.R. Long Island, N.Y.

“Lenny gave me information about nutrition and helpful suggestions that worked for healthier eating. I look at food differently and deliberate before I choose what I eat”
…Martha M. Mexico/New York

“I have learned to be a more mindful eater. I think about the food and the combinations of foods that I ingest. Having Lenny as my health coach has and is a great experience. I hear his voice in my head when making food choices, especially when eating out in restaurants as well as supermarket shopping”…Lisa S. Brooklyn, NY.

“What have I learned while being coached by Lenny? How to schedule my meals, how to listen to my body and take in good foods and how to choose the right meals”…Tricia C. Queens, NY.

“Learned about eating more and better greens. Kale was a big surprise and Chia seeds. Eating more fish and actually eating organic foods which I resisted mostly because of price”…Barbara G. Brooklyn, NY.

“The encouragement I received from Lenny helped me gain more respect for myself. I know more about nutrition and how to combine foods. I am more flexible”…Tom H. Philadelphia/New York

“I am eating breakfast! Focusing on the foods that will benefit me instead of just grabbing anything”…Meallie R. Queens, NY.

“In working with Lenny, I learned hoe to increase my intake of healthy foods along with portion control and mindfulness while eating. I now have a healthier lifestyle and am less dependent on sugar”…John P. Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I feel better and I have learned how to eat properly. Lenny made me aware of the importance of reading food labels on anything I consume. It has been a lifestyle change for me” …Loretta M. Staten Island, N.Y.

“The very respectful and gentle way Lenny has transformed my life through knowledge, taking responsibility and facing choices about every aspect from food, relationships and giving back has been enormous”…Yolanda V. aka The “Mrs.”

“My first goal was to learn more about healthy foods and appropriate portions. Your extensive knowledge about healthy foods and food combinations facilitated changes in my diet soon after I started. I added healthy snacks to avoid being extremely hungry and overeating at meal time. Then I became interested in “emotional eating”. Gaining insight in this area made me realize that although I was eating healthy foods I was still overeating and was not losing weight. Eventually, I started to gain understanding of how much food my body needed to be satisfied. I started to lose weight slowly and now know exactly how much food I need to be comfortable and not hungry. I had been on several diets in the past ten years and although I was successful at losing weight I gained the weight back after a few months. This is the first time that I have taken time to really examine my eating habits and make realistic changes that I can sustain. It was not only I who benefited from this but my children did as well. My children have almost completely transferred to drinking water and they look at the ingredients before buying new products. Thank you Lenny for all your help!”
…L.S.P. Brooklyn, NY.

“I realize when we were growing up we were taught a specific outlook on our foods and eating habits. These were engrained in me and change was difficult. The past six months has made me realize that some of my views were wrong and had to be changed. The knowledge that you gave me will be used in my everyday life going forward. Thank you for all of your help.” …John M. New Jersey

I started working with Lenny Variano about 3 months ago. I was actually looking for a nutritionist & to my good fortune, he joined my BNI chapter a short while earlier. Lenny is not only knowledgeable, but also just easy to talk to & a generous person. Every session I have with him, he gives me something of value!  We meet for an hour every 2 weeks & at the end of our meeting he always has something for me. This week it happened to be white balsamic vinegar!  I’ve lost weight but the main thing is I have a much healthier diet & am conscious now of what I put in my mouth. I also got used to the idea of drinking a lot more water & I feel better too. I highly recommend Lenny; he has changed my life. I am much healthier because of him…Julie T. Brooklyn, NY.

Lenny has touched our lives by giving us the tools to eat healthy. His teaching is from his heart, and he cares for his client’s health. Slowly, he incorporates foods that is for your health needs and gives easy delicious recipes. Lenny’s teachings are in our everyday life and has become easy to follow. Thank you Lenny…Mary Ann C. Staten Island, NY.

I contacted Lenny when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was looking for help planning and picking new meals and foods that would be beneficial to my new condition. Lenny was very knowledgeable when it came to what to eat and why. He was able to help me come up with different meals that would not only help my sugar levels, but my overall well being. On top of all that, he is a great person to talk to and knows a lot more than just nutrition…Bob B. Brooklyn, NY.