Resistance Training and Depression…

New research is showing that lifting weights may have an effect on lifting a person’s mood. It has already been established that exercise can reduce symptoms of depression but until recently most of this evidence had to do with studies based on the effects of aerobic exercise. In 2017 research on the positive effects of resistance training on anxiety were published in JAMA Psychiatry but that particular research did not address the effects on depression. These researchers decided to reevaluate 200 previous studies to see if they could determine if indeed weight training eased symptoms of depression. What they found was all subjects had a decrease in depression no matter how severe the symptoms were. It did not matter how often they weight-trained, whether it was 2 times or 5 times a week. What mattered was consistency. The reduction on levels of depression seemed to occur no matter what age the subject was. The results did not suggest that resistance training was better then aerobics or medication but it showed that there is also another avenue to explore when someone suffers from depression.

Move into the Light..

Finally chain restaurants are making an effort to cater
to calorie-conscious consumers. Most of them will offer
what they classify as a light menu. If you decide to pick
from this section you will not have to be so concerned
about overeating and consuming too many calories.
These meals often come with a side salad and a portion
of fruit. If you do find yourself in a restaurant that doesn’t
offer a lighter menu, a good suggestion is to have an
and split an entree with a friend.

Cook Once, Eat Three Different Meals…

One of the best ways to stay on track with healthy eating is to cook once but make enough for three meals. However, this can become very boring if you find yourself Opportunity vegetablesreheating the same meal every evening. Let me give you an example of how I work around this. The first night I may make a pan of breaded fish filets covered in spices and lemon. On the second evening, I saute an onion with raisins and cover the reheated fish. On the third evening I reheat the fish covered in marinated red peppers and mushrooms. Not only are you incorporating different minerals and vitamins by adding different ingredients but you are able to make each meal a new experience.

Busy Brain/ Hungry Body…

Extreme mental focus such as preparing for an exam or just solving problems that require intense concentration can actually drain the brain. Since the brain has a limited capacity toPower Brain store fuel, the results can be similar to using stored energy from caloric expenditure through physical movement. This is the reason why college students not only eat poorly but also overeat. Scientists experimented with thirty eight college students. After 35 minutes of sitting quietly in a peaceful setting to establish a baseline for what they would normally consume, all were given as much pizza as they wished. After a few weeks they were called back and were all given intense college exams that required extreme mental focus. Afterwards, half were given pizza to consume and half were put on a treadmill. The group on the treadmill consumed less than they would normally consume while the other group consumed much more. The increased flow of fuel-rich blood to the brain brought on by intense exercise increased both the amount of blood sugar and lactate circulating in the blood. This in turn reduced the desire to overeat by feeding an exhausted brain.