So much Information…

These is so much emphasis on losing weight instead of eating healthy as a means of maintaining a healthy weight. Fad diets come and go with the Mediterranean diet still holding up as a balanced way of consuming food for some cultures. Here are some helpful tips that most health experts agree on. 1)  Eating a healthy breakfast that contains some protein, fat and fiber will fuel you for the day and stave off hunger. 2) If you are not a fan of green vegetables, try blending them with fruit in a smoothie. This will not strip them of their vitamins, minerals and fiber.  3) Cottage Cheese has been around forever. It was popular and is popular again. Cottage cheese has a great amount of calcium, selenium and protein. Can’t handle it. Try it with a small amount of maple syrup. I prefer- Friendship “1% California style whipped” easy to find. Finally, love coffee? Having a cup of coffee on an empty stomach will not destroy your gastric lining. One thing to remember- if you do not like a certain food, you shouldn’t eat it because you feel you should. There is always another option.

Canned Food vs. Take Out…

Pressed for time but want to eat healthy? Make sure your pantry is stocked with the right foods to fall back on. Some canned foods can be quite healthy. Sardines, tuna, and salmon can be healthy sources of Omega 3s which are an important fat that is missing from the American diet. Fruits with no sugar added are high in fiber. Beans with low or no sodium can be a good source of protein. There are many companies responding to the demands of their customers by not adding unnecessary sugar and salt to their canned goods. Produce that is destined to be canned is picked at the peak of freshness. There is some Vitamin B and C loss in the canning process, but some foods provide excellent sources of calcium, potassium, and fiber. Heating tomatoes before they are canned increases the availability of lycopene (urinary health). This is also true for foods with orange pigments which optimize the benefits of beta-carotene (eye health). Look for canned foods with minimal ingredients and be aware of sugar and salt content. In addition, canned foods can save money and time if used properly and combined with other fresh ingredients.

Is it possible to smell yourself to a lighter weight?

Researchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, found that participants who smelled green apples, bananas, or peppermint several times a day, whenever they felt hungry, were able to lose unwanted weight up to 30 lbs. The research group consisted of 3,200 women who were tested with specific scents. Ages of the women varied from 18 to 64 with the experiment lasting six months. Along with bananas and green apples they were also given peppermint and vanilla. Neutral scents as opposed to strong scents have a positive effect. Smell is a crucial part of tasting food. The smell of strong scents of food can cause us to crave certain foods and overeat. Whereas smelling neutral scents can trick the brain into thinking that it has already satisfied the need to eat.

3 tips that may be helpful in maintaining a healthy weight:

  1. Try to avoid wandering down aisles that contain foods that may tempt you in your desire to eat healthy.
  2. Begin a shopping list by looking inside your fridge at the items you made use of, eliminate buying items that were allowed to spoil.
  3. Try using the store pickup option. It can relieve you of temptation. You will be able to order beforehand only the items you may need.