Power of Positive People…

Do we spend enough time with the right people? We tend to emphasize exercise as a basic means of fitness but research is showing that surrounding ourselves with the right people has a lot to do with our well being. The company we keep can have a tremendous influence on obesity, depression, anxiety and exercise. Friends can exert a more positive influence on you then any diet if weight loss is your goal. Okinawa is one of the regions of the world where people live the longest. Their diet has been studied and has shown to be one of the healthiest along with the Mediterranean Diet. But is it just diet? Groups of five women in Japan form what is known as a Moai for life. These five people support each other physically, emotionally and even financially for as long as they live. Dan Buettner a major contributor to National Geographic has spent time studying this group idea. He has tried to encourage this concept here in America. Looking at the world as having a glass half full makes one appreciative of what they have as opposed to looking at what is missing in their lives.

Move into the Light..

Finally chain restaurants are making an effort to cater
to calorie-conscious consumers. Most of them will offer
what they classify as a light menu. If you decide to pick
from this section you will not have to be so concerned
about overeating and consuming too many calories.
These meals often come with a side salad and a portion
of fruit. If you do find yourself in a restaurant that doesn’t
offer a lighter menu, a good suggestion is to have an
and split an entree with a friend.

Tricking Your Taste Buds…

The human tongue has about 2,000–8,000 taste buds. On each one there are hundreds of thousands of receptor cells. Since the number of taste buds is so different from person to person, taste sensations vary greatly. However, taste buds can be fooled. For example, spoons made from copper or zinc can enhance a food’s saltiness. Temperature is another important factor. Warm beer may taste bitter and cold ham may taste saltier. Recalling a pleasant memory of an item on your plate will actually make it taste more delicious. Color can also influence temperature. Forty eight participants in a French study actually preferred soda from a blue glass because they felt it tasted colder. Our environment can play a big part as to what degree we enjoy our food.

Surgeons use Holograms to Operate…

Projecting a three dimensional image of a person’s brain, heart, lung or any organ in question while operating may be the future of medicine. The ability to look through aBrain holograms person in a 3 dimensional way can help physicians more accurately plan and perform surgeries. This will help in removing tumors, taking biopsies and even guiding the placement of catheters in the brain. Within the next 10 years surgeons will be able to glance at these holograms and not be restricted to looking up at a screen. Progress is already under way at Duke University Robotics Program’s Brain Tool Laboratory. A proposal for a Hololens Development Kit was already accepted by Microsoft and is in development.