Why These 4 Foods Are Beneficial at Relieving Stress?

  • Fish- Is important to keep stress in check. The omega 3 fatty acids have a strong effect moderating our stress hormones. Dislike fish? Substitute a handful of walnuts daily.
  • Dark Chocolate- In a large German study over ten years, the participants who ate a few squares daily had the lowest rate of high blood pressure due to a reduction in stress hormones.
  • Black Tea- London researchers had participants drink 4 cups of black tea daily for six weeks. The subjects reported feeling less stressed after being confronted with a difficult situation. Tests indicated a reduction in the release of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Avocados– The flesh of an avocado is loaded with potassium and mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Tests have shown a reduction in high blood pressure and depression. The phytonutrients in an avocado stimulate serotonin, a mood boosting neurotransmitter.

A Tasty Polyester for Microbes…

We as a society purchase an enormous amount of clothing.  What happens to all the clothing that we have decided is no longer of any use? Polyester seems to be one of the biggest problems because it takes so long to disintegrate. However, it does seem to work better in active wear especially as a replacement for down which when wet becomes totally useless. The company PrimaLoft has been manufacturing polyester based active wear using recycled plastic bottles as its main source. The company realized that this does not solve the problem since it only creates more polyester clothing. Now PrimaLoft is taking it a step further. There is a microbe that finds polyester desirable as a food source, but the consumption of the fabric is extremely slow. Through experimentation the thin fibers of polyester are being made in combination with sugar. Tests were conducted in two environments. In a landfill 86% of the fiber was digested and in a marine environment 57% was consumed. This was in a period of 499 days. The company plans to continue its experimenting until there is absolutely nothing that remains that is a threat to the environment. L.L. Bean is just one of the companies that plans to start selling garments made out of this new fabric. Hopefully designers will start to be more conscientious of what fabrics they use and how they later affect the planet.

Being Barefoot Feels So Good…


Now there is scientific evidence that walking barefoot can not only reduce inflammation but also increase sleep. “Earthing” as it is called is most effective when done on a natural surface such as sand, grass or wood. Only 20% of the world’s population actually spends most of their days wearing shoes. It is believed that we are able to make direct contact with the electrons in the earth by being barefoot. Our bodies are 60% water which makes us a great conduit agent. Two studies published in both The Journal of Environmental and Public Health and the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine show how drawing electrons from the earth may improve health. There seems to be a direct correlation between stimulating the nerves at the bottom of our feet with relieving depression, anxiety, inflammation, reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation and getting a good night’s sleep. Activities such as yoga, martial arts, running barefoot on a beach or simply staying barefoot in the home all encourage the skin’s conductivity with the electrons in the earth. Whether you believe in the scientific explanation or not, you cannot deny the wonderful, comforting feeling of being barefoot and feeling sand, water and grass beneath your feet.