Protozoa and Mascara

The beauty industry grosses about $265 billion annually.eyelashes
Most of the testing is done on animals.
In the case of
mascara, beautiful lashes come at the expense of the
animals who are used for test subjects.
Rabbits are
often used which can lead to blindness and death.
New research out of Liverpool suggests
that protozoa
may be the alternative. It is felt that these single celled
organisms have enough genes in
common with humans
to make them good test subjects. Protozoa do not have
a central nervous system
and therefore cannot feel pain.

Print a New Body Part

Researchers at the American Chemical Society
have experimented with using ink containing
human cells. The hope is that in the future they
may be able, through the use of a 3-D printer,
create a new nose, ear or even a knee.
This can make it possible to print cartilage
in different shapes. So far tissue has been
successfully implanted in mice.
The possibility of repairing damage from
accidents and cancer would be amazing.

Taking a Shot in the Stomach…


   Insulin is a lifeline for a person with diabetes. However, it is a protein based drug that is much more beneficial if is administered directly into the bloodstream. Researchers have come up with a pill that will enable you to swallow a needle. A pill, the size of a multi-vitamin, is swallowed containing the needles. The coating of the capsule is dissolved and the drug is administered by a series of needles directly into the gastrointestinal tract. The solid needles are made from sugars or polymers. There is a small reservoir in the capsule containing the insulin and through the action of peristalsis (squeezing of the intestinal tract) the drug is pushed through the needles and administered directly into the bloodstream. So far testing has only been done on animals and has been very promising. If successful it will be useful also in treating many autoimmune diseases as well as cancer.
–Source National Geographic–


Cereve Sleep System…

There is a new device that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of insomnia. At present there are 55 million Americans who experience insomnia. The was the inspiration of Eric Nofzinger, MD a sleep physician. The frontal cortex of a person with insomnia stays active not allowing the person to have a night of sound sleep. By cooling the forehead, the symptoms of a racing mind are greatly diminished allowing for a more restorative sleep. The device is controlled by software which pumps cooling fluid to a pad which lies on the person’s forehead. More then 230 patients were studied over 3800 research nights in randomized locations throughout the US. All saw improvement in their sleep patterns within 30 days. There are 9 million adults that take sleeping pills to help with insomnia. Using this method would greatly reduce the dependance on medication.