Can A certain type of Lighting stop the Flu Virus…

Scientists have discovered a type of lighting that acts as a disinfectant against the flu virus.
A certain spectrum of ultra violet light called far-UVC has been found to kill the flu virus.
According to the Columbia Medical Center of New York City this can be a step forward in
eliminating the viruses that cause the flu in many public spaces without harming individuals.
This is a variation on broad spectrum UVC light since it is a narrower spectrum and presents
no danger to humans. The Columbia’s Center for Radiological Research has stated that
“Far-UVC light has a limited range and cannot penetrate the outer layer of human skin…”.
Since bacteria and viruses are smaller than human cells the light is able to penetrate, break
their molecular bonds and kill them. There needs to be further testing before it is implemented
to see what the results show after long term use.