Protozoa and Mascara

The beauty industry grosses about $265 billion annually.eyelashes
Most of the testing is done on animals.
In the case of
mascara, beautiful lashes come at the expense of the
animals who are used for test subjects.
Rabbits are
often used which can lead to blindness and death.
New research out of Liverpool suggests
that protozoa
may be the alternative. It is felt that these single celled
organisms have enough genes in
common with humans
to make them good test subjects. Protozoa do not have
a central nervous system
and therefore cannot feel pain.

Baked Salmon with Capers, Mustard and Almond Flour…






– Piece of wild salmon fillet
– Mustard
– Capers
– Almond flour
– Bread crumbs
– Garlic powder
– Lemon
– Canola Oil

– Coat pan with a light application of canola oil
– Apply a thin coating of mustard over the entire fillet
– Place unsalted capers about 1 inch apart over the entire fillet
– Sprinkle generous amount of garlic powder over fillet or according to taste
– Cover first with thin layer of bread crumbs followed by a thin layer of almond flour
– Squeeze lemon over the entire piece

Bake at 350 degrees for about 22 minutes

Print a New Body Part

Researchers at the American Chemical Society
have experimented with using ink containing
human cells. The hope is that in the future they
may be able, through the use of a 3-D printer,
create a new nose, ear or even a knee.
This can make it possible to print cartilage
in different shapes. So far tissue has been
successfully implanted in mice.
The possibility of repairing damage from
accidents and cancer would be amazing.

“Olderbrother Clothing” out of Portland Oregon

Olderbrother Clothing is a company that works their clothing line
environmental impact and social responsibility. The cotton
used in their
clothing is grown by farmers in the US who are all
members of the
Sustainable Cotton Project. Cleaner Cotton Growers,
as they are known,
grow their cotton by being mindful of land, air
and water in their
surrounding regions. In addition to this,
Olderbrother Clothing uses
coloring made from natural sources such
as Turmeric to get a rich yellow
color. They are also experimenting
with fabric made from Japanese rice
paper. All articles are cut,
sewn and dyed in Los Angeles.
Bobby Bonaparte and Max Kingery
have made clothing that is good
enough to be buried in your
backyard when it is no longer wearable.