Bubble Gum Flavored Broccoli…

Would it be easier to get children to eat broccoli if it tasted like bubble gum? McDonald’s plan was to revolutionize healthy eating for children.

In 2014 sales were down for the company. Because of pressure to address the obesity problem in children, the chain decided to incorporate bubble gum flavoring to broccoli.

Instead the flavor did not come over big and simply confused the kids that participated as tasters.Maybe simply sticking to broccoli with garlic, olive oil and a little pasta might have been the way to go.

Mushrooms to the rescue for the Bees…

Mushrooms contain a powerful micronutrient ergothioneine. This is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which can aid in building a strong immune system. Now it seems that mushrooms may also be the remedy to address what is placing our bee population at risk of extinction. Since the 1980’s microscopic mites that have migrated from outside the US have been one of the reasons for the decrease in our bee population. They found their way into Florida and Wisconsin where they began to destroy hives. Varroa destructor is a parasite mite that carries a virus responsible for shriveled wings on bees. According to a study published in Scientific Reports a journal published by Nature, mushrooms may be the remedy to weaken this virus. Extracts from the tissue of the common wood conk mushrooms known as the Red Reishi and Amadou are known for their antiviral properties and have been responsible for reducing the virus in bee colonies. The extract of these mushrooms is added to sugar water to attract the bees. Mycology which is the study of fungi, has stated that there are over 140,000 types of mushrooms and most are not named or their potential known. In the future they may not only save the bees but us as well.

Does Pouring Sequence Matter…

Several studies have been done to determine if the sequence in which
something is added whether it be food or liquid matters in determining
portion size and calorie count. In one study participants were asked to
combine apple juice with water. If the apple juice was poured first the
amount was 25% larger then if the water was poured into the glass first.
In another study yogurt and muesli were the two components. The amount
of the snack in terms of volume did not differ but depending on which was
put into the bowl first determined whether the yogurt or muesli comprised
the bulk of the meal. The experiment showed that depending on which was
poured first had the greatest impact on caloric intake. This could be a great
tool in weight management.

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Can A certain type of Lighting stop the Flu Virus…

Scientists have discovered a type of lighting that acts as a disinfectant against the flu virus.
A certain spectrum of ultra violet light called far-UVC has been found to kill the flu virus.
According to the Columbia Medical Center of New York City this can be a step forward in
eliminating the viruses that cause the flu in many public spaces without harming individuals.
This is a variation on broad spectrum UVC light since it is a narrower spectrum and presents
no danger to humans. The Columbia’s Center for Radiological Research has stated that
“Far-UVC light has a limited range and cannot penetrate the outer layer of human skin…”.
Since bacteria and viruses are smaller than human cells the light is able to penetrate, break
their molecular bonds and kill them. There needs to be further testing before it is implemented
to see what the results show after long term use.