Olive and Chick Pea Salad…









-1 box cherry tomatoes (cut in halves)

-1/2 can of Lindsey’s natural green olives (cut in Halves)

-¾ can of Brad’s organic chick peas (or any other organic brand)

-½ cup of pine nuts

-10 large basil leaves cut up

-Couple swigs of parsley

-Olive oil

-White balsamic vinegar



Easy, simply mix all together in a bowl. Great for the summer

Rutabaga and Turnips

These two root vegetables are often overlooked by most people. It is usually because they have not been exposed to them and have no idea how to prepare them. They can both be substituted for mashed, baked or roasted potatoes. If you are counting calories, a cup of white potatoes has 130 calories whereas a cup of rutabagas has 50 and turnips 35. They are like eating potatoes with a twist. Turnips are a little tangy and rutabagas have more of a sweetness to them. Both are rich in fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Peel, then cut up and mix with some olive oil, salt and bake in the oven until they are slightly caramelized. Enjoy a new sensation.

Tanzania Bans Tourists with Plastic Bags…

Starting June 1, travelers to Tanzania will no longer be able to transport plastic bags into the country. Check points will be set up and only zip lock bags with personal items will be allowed. Plastic waste has become an increasingly overwhelming disposal problem. There is even an underground market for smuggling plastic bags into the country. The ban will include the import, export, manufacture, selling, storing and supplying of any bag regardless of thickness.

Tanzania has been a pioneer in plastic banning since it announced it back in 2016. Tanzania’s tourist trade depends on the survival of its wild life and its location near the Indian ocean which provides access to the island of Zanzibar. Other African nations, such as Rwanda, have attempted to enforce such a ban by imposing strict fines and even prison terms. Africa has been leading the way in eliminating plastic waste with 60 countries enforcing bans.

How to Guide to purchasing healthy, nuthritious foods….

1.Labels: Try to stay away from fruits with labels.
There is a stronger possibility that without a label
they have been grown by a local farm which would lessen
the possibility of stronger pesticides, picked when ripe
and genetically modified.

2.Ingredients: Packaged foods if consumed should
have no more then 5 ingredients and you should be
able to pronounce and understand them.

3.Minimize your consumption of white flour, white potatoes
and white rice. They are all heavily processed and are
minus all the beneficial vitamins and minerals.

4.High Fructose Corn syrup: Put any item back on the shelf
if it contains High Fructose corn syrup,
which also goes by the name of “corn sugar”

5.Shortenings:Strive for products that don’t contain shortenings
most on the market are hing in trans fats.

6.Additives: preservatives and food colorings only make
food appear more attractive and make food last longer but
add no health benefit.

7.Sweeteners: Make sure all that you buy are free of
artificial sweeteners. They can trick the body into
craving more and more sweets

8. Grown outside: Whenever you can buy foods that have
been grown outside as opposed to hothouse.