Are We Getting Cooler?

In 1851 the standard for a normal body temperature was set at 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Now it seems that we are getting cooler. Researchers verified this by studying three databases. 1) 23,710 veterans of the civil war from 1862-1930. 2) 15,301 national health records from 1971-1975. 3) 150,280 Stanford University records from 2007-2017. The results were that our body temperature seems to be decreasing 0.05 degrees Fahrenheit for each decade. Although more sophisticated equipment is now being used, the consistencies were constant within each time period. Scientists suggest that improvements in sanitation as well as dental and medical care may be reducing inflammation in the body causing this drop of temperature. This along with controlled heating and air conditioning may be lowering our metabolic rate. However, the normal temperature for an individual may be closer to 97.5.