Are we Born Lazy?

Few of us exercise regularly even though we have been told time and time again of its benefits. Are we meant to be physically inactive? Physiologists, psychologists and health practitioners have been baffled by the fact that even though a person has the best intentions of beginning an exercise routine how easily they can be swayed to do the opposite. To find out what was going on in our brain, scientists recruited 29 men and women who expressed a desire to be active and yet never were. All were fitted with caps containing electrodes. They were seated in front of a computer screen and given their own avatar. They had the choice of moving the avatar toward an action figure or one resting. Although most of them moved toward the action figure, their brain scans showed that it took more of an effort to do so. The results may relate to the fact the our ancestors would remain quiet and rested whenever they could so as to keep a reserve of energy when food was scarce. Our brains may still be predisposed to having us remain inactive. This, of course, is no excuse since we no longer have to hunt for our food.