Change the Channel and Lose Weight…

 What you view on the tube may have a lot to do with what you eventually choose to snack watching TVon. Cornell researchers recruited 94 undergraduates to see the effects different programs had on eating habits. The snacks provided ranged from the very healthy, fruits and veggies to those that were rich in sugar, i.e. candy and cookies. Whichever snack the students preferred, the results were the same. High action and suspense caused viewers to snack twice as much. Watching a talk show had a decreased desire to crave snacks. Jimmy Fallon may be the best way to keep your weight under control.

Whole vs. Low-Fat Milk…

Data was collected on 2,745 children by Canadian researchers. The children selected milk-cowswere between ages 1 to 5 and a main factor was their height and weight. They collected blood samples and information on whether the children drank 1%, 2% or whole milk. The conclusion of the experiment was that the children who drank whole milk had a higher Vitamin D level and that the body mass index (B.M.I.) of these children was lower. The results were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Although the reason is not yet clear, it has been suggested that Vitamin D is better absorbed with a higher content of fat which is found in whole milk. On the other hand, low-fat may leave a child hungrier for other foods that are much more calorie dense.

Aerobic Fitness…

aerobic-fitnessAccording to a new statement released by the American Heart Association, aerobic fitness should be considered as a vital sign. In other words it should be given the same attention and importance as body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and breathing rates. It is now felt that aerobic fitness is a better indicator of heart disease more so than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure. Cardio-respiratory fitness, another name for aerobic fitness, is an indication of how well the body can deliver oxygen to all the tissues of the body especially the heart. However, most doctors are still reluctant to give aerobic fitness the attention it deserves. Some are unaware that a treadmill is not necessary. There are now simple equations and calculations that can give accurate levels of aerobic fitness. It is advised by the heart association to request a test for aerobic fitness the next time you go for an examination.

Dial in the Amount you are Eating…

If you are extremely active and follow a regular exercise routine, an injury can set your dial-inmetabolism operating at a different speed. If your body is accustomed to pre-workout snacks and after workout shakes, it can be helpful to modify some of these smaller meals. In addition, cutting back on alcohol, since it is extremely inflammatory, can also make injuries heal faster and enable you to get back to your desired activity level sooner.

Added Sugar Line…

The Food and Drug Administration has just made the announcement that it will be adding Sugar linea line Added Sugar to the nutrition content label of all products. Up to now only sugars that occurred naturally in food (ex. sugar found in milk products) were listed. This would mean two distinct categories, one for total sugar and one for added sugar. Under the new guideline many sugars that were hidden under names such as evaporated cane juice, rice syrup, treacle, mizuame etc. slipped by the consumer. This made it impossible to determine the exact amount of sugar you were actually consuming in an effort to maintain a healthy diet.

Weight Loss Tip-Add a Little Zest…

  wine vinegarCertain additions to your way of eating can prove to be less expensive, more flavorful and low calorie. Here are three suggestions.

1.Combine red wine vinegar with thyme and parsley, heat and saute’ your chicken.

2.Grate orange rind avoiding the white and add to oil and vinegar as part of your salad dressing.

3.Dried figs are a great addition to pancakes, omelettes and cereal.

Healthy Weight Loss Tip…Put the Scale Away

Weighing yourself every morning if you are trying to lose weight, can prove to be more Scaledetrimental than constructive. Our bodies can fluctuate by a few pounds from day to day. This can be the result of water retention which can vary greatly. Seeing a higher number on the scale then you are expecting can lead to discouragement and even sabotage of healthy eating. People who are trying to lose weight can become “scale obsessed” and start to lose focus on their way of eating and add unnecessary stress to their lives. Weekly weighing can give a more accurate reading of your progress.

Weight Loss Tip…Smell Therapy

“Smell therapy” is a unique way of approaching weight loss. In 1933 research by Dr. Allen peppermint leavesHirsch of “The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation” in Chicago performed an experiment with 3,000 plus subjects. The stronger the person’s sense of smell the more likely they were able to lose as much as 18 pounds in a month. Since smell is so closely associated with taste, certain smells can trick the brain into thinking it has received that particular food. The subjects were given scents of banana, peppermint and green apples in an inhaler whenever they experienced hunger. These scents actually promoted a sense of fullness. Try keeping some natural scent oils on hand and see if simply smelling some of these, you are able to deter eating when you are not physically in need of food.

Try Sharing…Healthy Weight Loss Tip

  Some restaurants are serving unusually large portions. If you are aware that the serving Sharing kidssize is too large in a particular restaurant, think about sharing an entree and begin the meal with two appetizers. Most restaurants are more then happy to split a meal and serve it on two plates. If you feel you cannot resist having dessert, try sharing one. The amount of calories you are saving will probably be close to a day’s worth.