Be Selective on where you choose to Eat Out…

There is enough information to support the fact that eating out may cause over-eating and excess calories. However, the “where” may be the biggest factor. Baroom brawlResearch from Brigham and Colorado State Universities have shown that eating in a local sports bar with blaring televisions, screaming fans and all around loud noises can have a large effect on the amount we are consuming. The reason being that we are simply not able to hear the sound of our own chewing. Awareness of the crunching and chewing that accompanies eating may have a great effect in promoting satiety.

Yam and Tahini Party Dip…

yam and tahini dip





– 1lb. sweet potatoes (steamed)
– 1 can of chickpeas (rinsed and drained)
– 1/4 cup tahini
– Juice of ½ lemon
– 2 chopped garlic cloves
– 2 tablespoons olive oil
– 2 teaspoons grated orange zest
– 1 teaspoon paprika
– 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
– 1/4 teaspoon of both salt and pepper

Blend all items together and start to dip

Cream of Avocado Soup (without the cream)…

Avocado soup






– Small ripe avocado
– 1 can lentils (I prefer Brads’ Organic)
– 1 steamed sweet potato (small)
– 1 cup frozen spinach
– 3 sprigs of parsley
– 2 scallions
– 2 cups vegetable broth
– 1 teaspoon turmeric
– 1/2 teaspoon Red pepper

* Place all food items in your large Nutri-bullet, takes about 15 seconds
* Top with 1/2 inch squares of hard left-over whole grain bread
* If the soup is too thick, Just add more broth
* Can also be served cold after being refrigerated.

Get Up…

An article in The American Journal of Epidemiology reported that sitting and too sittinglittle exercise can speed aging by as much as eight years. A group of 1,481 women, average age 79, wore motion sensors for one week, after which a white blood cell count was taken. Those that were more sedentary with little exercise proved to have shorter telomeres. Telemeres are caps at the end of our DNA strands. The shorter and more frayed they are the more susceptible a person may be to to heart disease, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes and shorter life expectancy.

Three Tips on Healthy Weight Loss…

1) Try to Stick to Regular Meal and Snack Times-Your body will condition itself to expect food at a certain time. Grazing all day only encourages the need for a continuous supply of Spices_manyfood.
2) Increase Fiber Intake-recommended daily fiber intake is between 20 and 28 grams a day. By increasing your intake of fiber by just 8 grams will have a tremendous impact on feeling full and satisfied.
3) Use Stronger Spices-It is easier to get your fill of a food that has a strong spice. There is a limit to how much enjoyment you can receive as opposed to a food that is milder or even on the bland side.

Dancing and Our Neurological Pathways…

Processing speed, the measure of how our brains absorb and respond to information, seems to be especially hard hit as we age. The fraying of whitewestern dancing matter, the specialized cells of the brain that communicate messages between neurons, are greatly affected after age 40. A study conducted at the University of Illinois and published in “the Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience” showed a difference in brain scans of older, healthy yet sedentary adults before and after they had incorporated dancing into their lifestyle.  Participants were divided into three groups. One group was assigned brisk walking, another stretching and balance training and the final group  intricate choreography in country dancing. After six months, the three groups were retested and the group that was assigned to learn new dancing techniques had a remarkable increase in the density of the white matter. It seems that the choreography, which involved fluid lines and squares along with continually changing partners was responsible for the increase in processing speed. New activities that include movement and socializing seem to be the key in retaining mental acuity.

How to Lose 20 lbs. in 20 days…

20 days diet booksIs there a way to lose that amount of weight in less than 3 weeks?  There are over 20,000 diet books in print and some of them have even gone to 2nd and 3rd editions.   What I decided to do is present some of the more out of the ordinary methods that I found unbelievable and even a little amusing.  I do not recommend any of these but want to expose you to what extremes people are tempted to try in order to lose weight quickly. I believe, as you know, following a slow, sensible, healthy weight loss program is20 pounds baby food the best choice and in the long run, sustainable. Let’s begin with the “Wine, Eggs and Black Coffee Diet” consisting of wine, coffee, eggs and an occasional steak thrown in. “The Baby Food Diet”, also known as the diet of the stars, consists of carrying around a supply of baby food and eating all your meals and snacks out of little jars as long as you don’t exceed 14 for the day. There is the ever appealing “Cookie Diet” which consists of specially made meal replacement cookies, six throughout the day, 20 werewolfwhich brings you up to a grand total of 500 calories and then allows you 300 more calories for dinner. Of course, this is not to be confused with the “Twinkie Diet” which does not need an explanation. Next is the Hormone “hCG Diet” which consists of injecting urine from pregnant women into your body. You are allowed an additional 500 calories for the day but would you really feel like eating?  I wanted to end with the “Werewolf Diet” a diet of fasting and drinking water but only during a full moon, “Sleeping Beauty Diet” which involves taking sedatives to make you sleep more so there is less time to eat and take a deep breath “The Tapeworm Diet”.  Yes you ingest a tapeworm and it eats instead of you. Of course, they all guarantee weight loss but no mention of how fast it returns after you stop the programs. Learning how to eat properly and how your body reacts to certain foods is a slow but effective process. Once you are aware of what makes your body energized and what causes it to operate at full capacity there will be no need for any restrictions.  And one more “The Cabbage Soup Diet” if besides losing weight you are interested in losing friends as well. (gas for days!)

Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Hungry…

Too HungryAbstaining from breakfast or putting off eating in hopes of dropping some pounds may totally backfire. Letting yourself get to the point when you are experiencing uncontrollable hunger can lead to making unhealthy choices. A substantial breakfast along with being prepared with healthy snacks is a good way to start the day. In so doing, when those sudden pangs of hunger arise you will be prepared instead of being so hungry that you make choices that you will regret and feel bad about.

A Cafeteria tray can Encourage Healthier Eating…

Researchers at Cornell University discovered that diners in cafeterias that grabbed a tray Food Traybefore collecting a meal were more inclined to collect foods of a more balanced nature. Selections usually included a salad, entree and a dessert. A tray-less trip usually forced diners to leave one of the choices since only one dish could be carried in each hand. The study showed that those individuals usually left out the salad and kept the dessert.

Change the Channel and Lose Weight…

 What you view on the tube may have a lot to do with what you eventually choose to snack watching TVon. Cornell researchers recruited 94 undergraduates to see the effects different programs had on eating habits. The snacks provided ranged from the very healthy, fruits and veggies to those that were rich in sugar, i.e. candy and cookies. Whichever snack the students preferred, the results were the same. High action and suspense caused viewers to snack twice as much. Watching a talk show had a decreased desire to crave snacks. Jimmy Fallon may be the best way to keep your weight under control.