3 Myths about Brain Health…

  • We use only 10% of our brain.  If this were true, brain injuries would not be so devastating. In fact, brain scans show that a good portion of the brain is used for even the simplest tasks.
  • We are dominated by either your left or your right brain.  It is true that most people receive language skills from the left part of the brain and experience special and emotional abilities from the right. However, Brain scanning technologies have shown that both hemispheres work together when it comes to complex processing.
  • We have only five senses.  Along with our sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste we possess much more. Proprioception is our relation to where our body parts are and what they are doing. Nociception is our ability to feel pain. Thermoception enables us to sense temperature changes. Chronoception allows us to sense the passage of time. Interoception provides us with awareness of our internal needs such as hunger and thirst.