Fitness tip…Tend to Tissues

Tissues armThe tissues that comprise the human body (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fasciae) can get pretty beat up if you are a sports enthusiast or just an extremely active individual. Keeping these tissues in top shape will prevent future injury and long term pain. Foam rolling, stretching, sports massage, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, contrast bath therapy (hot and cold alternation) are just some of the modalities that should be considered as part of a regular exercise program. In keeping the blood flowing through these tissues they will remain healthy and most important flexible.

Source: Muscle & Performance July 2016

GMO…Yes or No?

There is so much heated, political controversy over the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). Is there need for concern? Do we really understand bothcorn gmo.jpg copy sides of the issue? At present there are 109 million acres devoted to growing GMOs. Here in America we have been given the green light to grow 40 different GMO fruits and vegetables. We have been eating hybrid plants for thousands of years so is there a difference in a plant that is genetically modified? Hybrids come about by careful selective GMO kid orangebreeding of two related plants. GMO’s are produced in a lab and are created by combining two different biological kingdoms, in many cases a plant with the DNA of a bacteria. Both aim to produce crops that will survive environmental hazards such as temperature variations, droughts etc. Hybrids cross breed to make a plant stronger. GMO’s enable a plant to produce its own pesticides as well as resist herbicides while controlling the weeds that surround them. Blindness is prevalent in children in Asia and especially Africa due to the lack of Vitamin AGMO wheat. Scientists have developed a type of yellow (Golden) rice by combining the gene of a yellow daffodil and a strain of bacterial DNA with rice and have developed a grain that is rich in beta carotene, the source of vitamin A. Will the body be able to handle this foreign combination? Is preventing blindness in children more important? Wheat has been genetically modified since the 1940’s. The purpose was to make it capable of resisting drought, able to be harvested at 1 foot as opposed to 4 and therefore feed populations that did not have sufficient food. Have our bodies adjusted to gmo needlethis new protein after all these years? Are people more sensitive to wheat and as a result gluten intolerant? Has it saved the lives of many who would have starved to death. Supporters of GMOs claim that plants can become insect resistant, become heartier, use less pesticides, and therefore have less of an impact on the environment. If that is the goal, why incorporate vaccines and antibiotics in the makeup of these foods? Do we need fruits and vegetables that can be transported for longer distances because they ripen slowly or should we buy local?  If GMOs are created by introducing strains of bacterial DNA, then how many of these organisms are we capable of integrating into our bodies. Those that oppose them claim that recent studies have shown anGMO local farm increase in allergies and sensitivities as well as weight gain when consuming a number of these foods. Some are even attributing most of our digestive issues to their consumption. But is this just a result of poor eating habits from too much processed foods?  All of our soy, corn, wheat and sugar beets have been already genetically modified to resist the herbicide Roundup, surprisingly farmers are still spraying their fields with an additional dose of Roundup to make sure weeds do not survive, thus these plants are basically getting a double dose of this herbicide!  What kind of restrictions should be placed on GMOs if any? Is it worth investing more time and money into GMOs so that whatever good they can possibly provide to our less fortunate populations is carefully monitored? Whatever your feelings are about GMOs, you should have the choice of what you wish to consume. Since it is not mandatory to label as such, buy organic or support your local small farmer for now.