Spinal Technology…

Spinal stenosis is a condition where the bones and ligaments of the spinal canal begin to thicken spinal facet jointand narrow clamping down on the spinal cord causing excruciating pain and numbness. There is an experimental procedure, 5 years away from being approved by the food and drug administration, which is showing promising results. It is a new type of joint replacement. This new method would implant facet joints that actually move as opposed to traditional spinal fusion which provides limited mobility. Research lags because scientists have found replacements of spinal bones a lot more difficult then hip and knee replacements. Factors like the length of time the joint will last and the effect on surrounding tissue have to be worked out. This could be life changing for the 500,000 thousand people affected by Spinal stenosis.

Getting to the Root of it…


White, Red and Sweet potatoes are a standard part of our American diet. There are other root vegetables, popular with other cultures, that can add a variety of taste to our menu. Here are three that should be considered as alternatives. All of the following can be either baked, fried, steamed, grated, sauteed and used as you would use a potato. 1.Kohlrabi popular in Swiss and German cuisine. It has a mild, sweet taste. Member of the same family as Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. Rich in phytochemicals which may prevent prostate cancer. 2.Yucca its origin is in Brazil and Paraguay. It is a staple for about a ¼ of the world’s population. It is grown in two ways bitter and sweet. The brown skin has to be removed before being used. Much higher in potassium then the average white potato. 3.Breadfruit is part of the Mulberry tree family. It originated in the south pacific. Breadfruit has been attributed with reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and warding off colon cancer because of its high fiber content.