Food of the Month…Brazil Nuts

brazil nut podBrazil nuts…     

  Brazil nut trees grow mostly in very dense forests. They are native to Bolivia, Brazil and Peru.  Brazil nut shellTrees can live up to 500 years. Pods weigh about 5lbs and each pod contains about 25 nuts. Extremely high in mono-unsaturated fats which aid in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Although they Brazil nut unshellare high in calories brazil nuts are also very high in vitamins and minerals. They are especially high in selenium. In fact one brazil nut provides more selenium than you can obtain from supplementation. Selenium is an important trace mineral for prevention of coronary artery disease, liver cirrhosis and cancer.  ( check out recipe of the month above)


Guiltless Protein Pancakes…                                                                                       Ingredients: 
– Whole grain (I prefer Arrowhead Mills Organic brand) pancake mix (follow directions to make 6)
– Add the following to recipe:
-1 scoop of vanilla Whey protein powder
-1 heaping tablespoon of 1% cottage cheese
-1 heaping tablespoon of milled flax seed

-Place all above in high speed blender
-After you pour batter on skillet place diced apples and chopped brazil nuts in batter
-Top with pure maple syrup and serve
Alternative use:
– Chopped almonds or walnuts and pecan halves can replace brazil nuts.
– Sliced bananas are a good replacement for apples.





*Great breakfast if you are planning an active day

New product from the Fabric world…

suede   Mushroom Fabric: 

One of the newest fabrics being introduced to the luxury market is apparel derived from microbes. To be more specific the root system of mushrooms. Biocouture, founded by  Suzanne Lee, has woven a fabric so thin and flexible that it resembles suede.suede roots They are now looking into bacteria, yeast and algae as other sources of sustainable production from nature. Sounds a little strange? What about silk made from silkworm excretions. 

Interesting Medical Possibility…

3-D Bio-printer: 
3-d printer shape Researchers at the “Organovo Bio Lab” have been able to reproduce a viable living tissue sample. One of the most significant is a liver sample which can now be used for drug testing purposes. These liver cells have been able to show toxic response in the presence of toxic chemicals. 3-d printer shoeThis will enable researches to weed out drugs that may prove dangerous much earlier then in the past. Hope is that some day replacement organs such as the liver and kidney can be reproduced using a person’s cells and therefore eliminate the need for rejection drugs. 

Fitness Tip of the Month…Sugar

Give in to that sweet tooth…   

fast sugar jellyIf your workouts are intense, immediately following would be a great time to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is then when your muscles a craving glucose to replenish their glycogen storage, our main source of energy. This should be between 15 and 30 minutes after you are finished. Now is the time for fast burning sugar rice Jelly, white rice, even some high quality candy not containing synthetic sugars or high fructose corn syrup can fill the need.  Satisfying the body’s need for sugar at this time will prevent craving for sugar later on in the day.