When and How to Stretch…Dynamic vs. Static Stretching

Dynamic Stretching


Static Stretching

 Warn Up and Down Properly:  Before any exercise or sport it is imperative to warm up properly. Regardless of the weather but especially in winter it is necessary to move blood into the muscles to prevent injury. Dynamic Stretching which involves simulating the range of motion of the exercise you are about to preform is an excellent way to attain this warm-up. It entails working with momentum and not holding at the end position. Static Stretching which involves elongating the muscles through extensions is most productive after finishing your work out.  It stretches the muscles to the point of slight discomfort in an effort to relax the muscle after an exercise has been preformed.        

Healthy Weight Loss Tip #17

Eating Healthy while Traveling: Eating healthy for those of us who travel can become a challenge. Don’t expect to find all the snacks and foods you prefer while you are on your way to your destination. Airports have upped their food stands to a degree. It is now possible to find yogurt, salads and wraps that are a little more healthy than airport food has been in the past. However these foods can still contain a more sugar and bad fat then you may wish to consume. Try to prepare by taking along a healthy sandwich, trail mix or a few of the better nutrition health bars. The same holds true while traveling by car, bus or train. The additional advantage being that you are permitted to carry liquids which means that you can possibly mix yourself up a healthy protein shake. 


Za’atar is a versatile mid-eastern blend  of spices that can be used on meats, fish, bread and grain. It enhances most foods because it is made up of so many different spices. A combination of sumac, thyme, marjoram, oregano, sesame seeds and salt give it a unique flavor. It gained notoriety in the 12th century for its medicinal properties and even the physician Maimonides is said to have prescribed it to his patients.

Since these spices are chock full of flavonoids they can aid in reducing cell damage due to their anti-inflammatory abilities. Spread it over pita with a little olive oil, add it to yogurt as a dip or just sprinkle it as a spice when preparing to bake chicken or fish. It will expose you to an entirely new taste sensation.