Jerusalem Artichokes…

     Similar to water chestnuts in taste but slightly sweeter, they are also known as sunchokes or earth apple. Jerusalem Artichokes sport a beautiful yellow flower when they are ready to be harvested. Native to North America, they are a member of the tuber family but contain more fiber and protein then any of the others in their class. They contain no cholesterol and are great for diabetics because their carbohydrates do no have any effect on sugar levels. Sunchokes are a great source of iron and potassium. In fact they are high in electrolytes in general which is an ideal addition to an active lifestyle. They are great eaten raw or cooked.


Developing Strong Oblique Muscles:

Developing a strong core is essential to maintaining a strong back as well as helping us function in our daily activities. However most of us neglect developing the side oblique muscles which are as important as our center core muscles. Carrying a considerable amount of weight, for example all your grocery shopping on one side for a block and then switching to the other side for the same amount of distance is a great way to start. This anti-rotation exercise can have a tremendous effect on developing your obliques as well as your transverse abdominal muscles. This exercise can also become part of your gym routine by substituting a dumbbell or kettlebell.