The Mighty Yolk…

  Starting the day with a breakfast that includes eggs has  been proven to increase satiety and may even prevent overeating throughout the day. Eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals and almost 40% of the egg’s protein is found in the yolk. When compared to other breakfasts of equal calories, egg eaters showed a noticeable difference in weight loss with no rise in cholesterol levels. The controversy over eggs contributing to heart disease began when those being observed were also guilty of having totally bad eating habits. So enjoy! Hard boil a half dozen and keep on hand so you can grab a couple when you are on the go.

(courtesy of “Amazing Wellness” and “Muscle and Performance” magazines) 

Swiss Chard, Bell Peppers and Olives


Swiss Chard, Red Peppers and Olives..

– 1 Large head of Swiss Chard
– 2 Large Red Peppers
– 5 cloves of garlic
– 1/2 can of pitted green olives
– Olive oil
– 1& 1/2 Teaspoon Oregano
– 1/2 Teaspoon of Hot red pepper flakes

-Step 1-in a medium size pot  saute chopped garlic in olive oil until light tan
-Step 2-add chopped, washed swiss chard including stems
-Step 3– next add oregano and red pepper flakes-medium flame about 20 minutes
-Step 4-in a separate steamer-steam red peppers in 1 inch slices
-Step 5– when swiss chard is ready add steamed red peppers and olives cut into halves and let sit for 7 to 10 minutes
(serves 4)

– If you prefer use crinkled black olives-just remember to remove pits
Provides: Healthy soluble and insoluble fiber (Swiss card) along with a good dose of vitamin C (Red Bell Peppers) and omega 3 fatty acids (olives and olive oil).

I just don’t have the time to……….

Because our lives are so busy, how often do you find yourself saying “I just don’t have the time”.  Don’t have the time to exercise? Instead of sitting around after dinner and watching television, try taking a walk with a family member.  It is not only rejuvenating but it can possibly bring on a new closeness with whomever you share the experience.  Find an activity that stimulates you or one in which you can share with your significant other. Don’t have time to eat healthy? Preparing a healthy meal does not have to be a time consuming chore.  If you have children encourage them to help you.  Choose simple recipes, cook once, eat twice.  Purchase a good supply of different size containers so you can transport leftovers to work. This eliminates having to purchase foods on the outside. You will be sure of the quality of what you are consuming and it will also benefit you monetarily. Don’t have time to spend with friends?  Make an appointment with a friend in a park somewhere in-between where you both live and spend one hour of quality time together.  This will do wonders to strengthen a friendship.  Don’t have time to sleep?  If you are accustomed to bringing work home, try putting a limit on the amount. Leave time for your body to shut down by not sitting at your computer until the last minute or falling asleep while the TV is playing.  Don’t have time to rest?  Try setting one day a week aside as a rest day.  I am not saying sitting around doing nothing but a day that is totally different from the activities and responsibilities that you are involved with throughout the week.  A day that is filled with quality experiences.  Our schedules have become so intense that we forget that by neglecting our needs we might also be neglecting the needs of the people around us.  Time moves very fast and we need to not look back and say “I just didn’t have the time”.