My New, New Year Resolution

resolution, health, exercise, nutritionIt is the beginning of a new year and we are all making our new year resolutions. Along with the more popular resolutions of getting fit, eating better, quitting smoking, saving more money, spending more time with friends and family are the promises we make to ourselves to be just a more patient and better person. Why not look back on the previous year and remind ourselves of the things we did that we are happy about instead of concentrating on the things we were unable to accomplish. resolution, health, exercise, nutritionWere we available when our family and friends needed support? Did we attempt to make someone smile when they were feeling down?  Were we a good role model to a child? These are all actions that come from the heart. Why not be proud of the good things we have done and maybe expand on those a little. resolution, health, exercise, nutritionJust because we may think that whatever we did came easy does not diminish the importance of the act. After all what we look upon as having been an easy task might have meant the world to someone else.  Have a wonderful, wonderful 2013. Keep your resolutions realistic. If the thought of working out in a gym is unappealing      think about taking a salsa class. If your desire is to show more generosity, volunteering in your community can be so rewarding. And when the new year rolls around again you will be prepared to meet it head on with a sense of satisfaction instead of disappointment.

Think Seeds: Hemp seeds

The nutritional value of pumpkin, sunflower, flax seed and chia seeds cannot be disputed.hemp seeds, hemp hearts, nutrition, protein, seeds, omega 3 Nutritionally, hemp seeds also known as hemp hearts are far superior to all the others because of their protein content which hemp seeds, hemp hearts, nutrition, protein, seeds, omega 3is about 10 grams in 3 tablespoons. This highly digestible protein is rich in omega 3s and magnesium. Hemp has been shown to have a dramatic effect on muscle strength and in slashing diabetes risk. Try using them as a topping on any of your favorite desserts.


Sometimes we all need a little acid……..

 There are at least 500 amino acids in our bodies. They are the 2nd largest component next to water amino acid-protein-building muscle-nutritionin our muscle, tissue and cells. The classification was first made in 1806 by two French chemists by the names of Vasquelin and Robiquet who first isolated the compound in asparagus. It has since been established that amino acids are the structural units that make up protein in other words the building blocks. When a protein is digested what is left is amino acids. They in turn break down food, help our bodies grow, repair muscle tissue as well as protect and nourish enzymes in the brain. Some amino acids are more abundant in the body and have been classified into 3 categories. The first is the essential group. amino acid-protein-building muscle-nutritionThey are classified as such not because they are more important but due to the fact that they cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained externally either by food or supplementation. Good sources would be meats, eggs, dairy, whey and lentils. The second class are non-essential and a healthy body has the ability to produce these on its own. The third are known as conditional  which are basically non-essential amino acids that are only called upon to amino acid-protein-building muscle-nutritiondeal with stress and illness. The use of amino acid supplementation has become widely used by bodybuilders but lately the medical field has seen their benefits in fighting depression as well as treating fibromyalgia. Since they deteriorate daily and do not have the ability to be stored, it is essential that we replenish them to prevent muscle degradation. amino acid-protein-building muscle-nutritionUnderstanding the importance of amino acids and how they provide energy, aid in muscle strength, fat loss, mood and brain function are only a few of the physiological processes that can only be maintained by proper nutrition.