This crazy little thing called Electrolyte…

So much advertising and experimenting goes into products that promise to keep our electrolytes in balance. Do we really need to be concerned about this? What exactly does the word electrolyte mean? Electrolytes are the salts within our body. They are what carry electrical charges throughout the body allowing signals to move from one cell to another.  Electrolytes are comprised mainly of potassium  (for muscle movement), calcium (to support bone structure), chloride (for normal cell function), magnesium (for nerve to muscle transmission), potassium (which aids in converting food to energy) and sodium (for fluid distribution). So why is a connection always made between activity and electrolytes?  The answer is, we stand to lose these important minerals mainly through our sweat and urine. Extremely hot weather and dehydration can also cause loss of electrolytes. Not replacing these minerals during and after intense exercise can result in everything from vomiting to high fever to irregular heart beat. Some prefer replacing these salts by way of commercial drinks of which there are many.  Citrus fruits hold an abundance of electrolytes, especially oranges, which is the preferred source by many top athletes.  Also, including certain foods in your diet can aid in maintaining a good electrolyte balance. Milk, beans and figs are a great source of calcium. Bananas, kale and oranges provide large amounts of potassium. Magnesium is replenished by tomato paste and nuts. Chloride and Sodium are found in abundance in all seaweeds as well as celery.  If that feeling of dizziness or imbalance starts whenever you are involved in any strenuous activity check with your physician first. If it is not something medical it may be the lack of sufficient electrolytes which can be replenished by incorporating some of the above foods mentioned.




September recipe of the month……


Nutrition-string beans-chick peas-health-easy recipes


-1 lb. of fresh string beans
-1 can of chick peas
-1/2 red onion
-20 fresh mint leaves
-olive oil
-white balsamic (unless you prefer red wine vinegar)
 -steam string beans until they are still a little firm (about 5 min.)
-dice red onion in very small pieces
-add can of chick peas
-chop mint leaves very fine and add
-season with olive oil,vinegar and pepper to taste

-Serve at room temperature

Shopping tip of the week…..

     nutrition-apples-pesticides-wellnessWhen shopping for fruit try to purchase fruits that are without sticky labels. Labels are usually a sign that these fruits have been transported from long distances and were picked a little too soon. Produce from local farmers is usually not so shiny (especially apples) and at times the stems and leaves are still present on the fruit. Fruits grown locally have more nutrients due to the fact that they have been allowed to ripen longer before being picked.  

A week in the woods……

For the last 30 years a good part of my life has been spent involved in martial arts. Every summer members of “The World Martial Arts Association” come together from around the globe and join our headmaster for an amazing week of practicing in the woods. The culmination of the week is a promotion test in which students are tested and move on to higher levels.

(above) Senior member completing test to become “Master” (above right) Headmaster with 2 Masters demonstrating the 6th degree form.

(left) test for 5th. degree (below center) one of our youngest members….

(below) younger members of the group are tested and become 1st. degree black belts


The experience was mentally, spiritually and physically uplifting………