Activity tip of the week…

 As we age our bodies have a tendency to lose muscle mass which is known a sarcopenia. There are many proteins on the market today all of which promise to help us retain and build some of that muscle. One of the richest form of protein comes from Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese contains what is know as Casein protein. This is a slow acting protein which can be beneficial as a late night snack. It enters the body slowly as it nourishes and feeds  necessary protein to your muscles as you sleep.


Cottage cheese and apple sauce are a great combo especially as a late night snack ( I prefer a 1% creamy brand of cottage cheese)

August recipe of the month…..



Eggs, Figs, onions,avocado,easy recipe, nutrition


4-egg whites and 2 egg yolks-beaten with a little milk

4-dried figs cut up into small pieces

1 medium size onion

1/4 of an avocado (cut in little squares)


In a small frying pan saute chopped onion until it is dark tan (separate and put on the side)
-In a 7″ frying pan heat a thin layer of Canola oil.
-When the oil is hot pour in the egg mixture.
-Lay in the onions evenly.
-Next spread the dried figs over on top.
-Place the avocado squares over all.
-Cover and when it starts to rise, flip it and brown the other side.
-Cut into small squares and serve as an appetizer.
Cooking Tip:
Slide the frittata onto a plate when it is done on one side. Take the frying pan cover it and turn the plate over. This is much easier than trying to flip it.