I just can’t seem to stop eating….

overeating,binging,nutritionOur daily lives have become so consumed with stress that many of us seek refuge in food.  We sometimes forget that food is our principle source of fuel for the body and view it mainly as a source of comfort. Unfortunately this view of food can lead to overindulging and in more severe cases non stop binging. What is even more dangerous is the type of food consumed can be totally non nutritious, leaving us both physically and mentally upset. overeating,binging,nutritionIt is so important to understand the correlation of food to our nutritional needs as well as our state of mind. For instance, the desire for salt may be the result of too much medication or supplementation. The need to munch on something crunchy can be the result of repressed anger, pressure and frustration. Something spicy can have its roots in having consumed too much fat. Soft and creamy is emotionally soothing and comforting. An overwhelming desire for sugar indicates possibly the lack of protein, dehydration or simply a strong addiction to it. Eating to cope has always been a way of not dealing with what is really the problem.overeating,binging,nutrition The results have made stress eating one of our major problems. Then there is eating as a reward for something great that has occurred. This can go as far back as childhood when we were given a food reward if we were good. The trouble with this is it can result in rewards for even the smallest action. When the desire to binge emerges take a step back and see if you are really hungry. Maybe just drinking a large glass of water slowly and taking the time to breath can help. Brushing your teeth can remove the desire for any food. Exercise always works. If the urge occurs when you are in front of the TV or the computer shut them off and see if you can stop mindless eating by not having any distraction. overeating,binging,nutritionTry not to keep foods that may bring on binging in the house. Lastly try to go for foods that are at least healthy.  Being successful can be the reward in itself.  And if you should fall short, remember tomorrow is a new opportunity.

July recipe of the month……

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4-medium size navel oranges (cut in half and then into slices)
1/2 green pitted olives Lindsey introduced (Lindsey natural) which only contains sea salt
1-Sm. jar of marinated red peppers

1-Sm. jar of marinated artichoke hearts.
1-Sm. container of marinated mushrooms (cut in halves)

Lay out all the orange slices flat on a platter.
Cut up the red peppers into small pieces so that you can place them around the oranges.
Cut the mushrooms in halves and lie them on top of the peppers and oranges.
Then do the same with the olives and artichoke hearts.
Sprinkle some olive oil and white balsamic vinegar on top before serving

Optional-If you like anchovies cut up 5 large anchovies in small pieces and spread over the platter (a good source of Omega 3 fats and protein)

Serves 4


Partner up-Exercise tip of the week…..

  Partner up-Whenever possible train with a partner. Whether it be running, weight training or simply speed walking. Having a partner may be the incentive you need to go the extra mile when walking or running. While training with free weights, a partner can also prevent you from injuring yourself. Working with a partner can raise your level of fitness especially if you both have the same goals.