clove dryCloves make that sweet aromatic smell that you find emanating from ginger bread, pumpkin pie and so many foods around the holidays. They are a great addition to pea soup, ham, baked beans even chili. Cloves are the unopened buds of the evergreen clove tree. They are originally pink and turn brown afterclove flower they are allowed to dry. Besides adding a unique taste to food, they have an abundance of antibacterial and germicidal properties. They have been used for centuries to fight infection, relieve digestive problems and help with some forms of arthritis and gum disease. Traces of their use go back as far as 300 AD in China. Their are at least 36 different ingredients contained within cloves which is why  they are considered a strong antioxidant.



Hemp…A Sustainable Fabric

  There seems to be confusion as to whether hemp for clothing, oil, food etc. is grown from the same hemp3plant as that which is smoked. There is a difference. There are different variants of the plant. The high amount of psychoactive drug compounds in the plants that are used commercially is extremely low. However just connection to the word “Cannabis ” has made it illegal to grow here in the states. This is not so in other countries where the fabric made from hemp is considered extremely environmentally friendly. It has no need to be grown using pesticides or insecticides and is drought resistant while improving soil conditions. It is not necessary to use toxic chemicals or sophisticated technology when fabric is produced from its stalks. Hemp has been used for thousands of years and is great for local economies as well as being a great sustainable fabric.

Glymphatic System…

  One mystery that has always puzzled scientists is how does the brain cleanse itself?  The lymphatic brainsystem is responsible for sucking up waste and toxins but does not extend to the brain and the spinal column.  The glymphatic system was discovered last year and attributed to how the brain is able to rid itself of toxins. However it can only happen during the period of deepest sleep. It is during this period when our brain cells actually shrink and the space between the cells enlarges enabling them to be washed by cerebral fluid in turn beginning the cleaning process. The fluid then washes the waste into the veins and out through the liver. One of the proteins thought to be circulated is that which is responsible for developing amyloid plaque. This plaque is now thought to be a marker for later developing Alzheimer’s disease.


Whey Protein…

Whey Oatmeal
Whey Protein Powder – not just for Shakes…                                                 
     By now most of you have heard of Whey Protein Powder. It has been shown to preserve muscle mass as we age, increase strength, build our immunity and encourage weight loss. In choosing one try to stay with an isolate which has most of the carbohydrates and fat removed. A Whey Yogurtgood portion of the American diet consists of too many carbohydrates, that is why it is necessary to increase the protein portion for better balance in your diet.  Protein powders do not contain empty calories like most fast food and processed snacks.  Their origin is from real foods. Vegetarians especially can benefit greatly from whey protein.  This is because vegetarian sources of quality protein are limited. As for the rest of us, instead of only using it as part of a protein shake before or after a workout, add it to those foods that you feel need an extra boost of protein.  Add it to oatmeal, stir it in plain yogurt, blend it in pancake mix or mix a little with your milk and pour it over dry cereal.

Nutrition Workshop at ACE…

ACEI was invited by Liz McNierney and had the pleasure of giving a nutrition workshop at ACE (The Association of Community Employment) on Houston St. in Soho. It is an amazing place where those that have been or are now homeless are given a second chance. The education provides the students with everything from computer skills to writing resumes. It is privately funded. The program provides them with 35 hours a week of training where they are mentally and spiritually stimulated. I was invited to fill in the nutrition gap. The interest in what I had to say was overwhelming and personally an uplifting as well as rewarding experience. 

I’ll Get To It … Tomorrow

procrastination clock“I’ll get to it later”. “I plan on doing it in the New Year”. Sound familiar? Why do we procrastinate and is it really that bad? Let’s explore the meaning. Procrastination is the process of putting off urgent or important tasks to the last minute while instead directing our energy and time to less important, more enjoyable tasks. As a matter of fact, procrastination has become so much a part of the French culture that a National day of procrastination was proclaimed on March 26, 2011. Why is it that the French are able to joke about it and we as Americans look Procrastination tourtoiseupon it as a problem. Those things that seem to be so pressing to us do not have as high a value as spending time developing relationships with friends and family in the French as well as several other cultures. Procrastination through vacations and days off are looked upon as periods of revitalization. In our society we are constantly checking e-mails, social media, watching videos, surfing the internet all of which have made it so easy to put off what is most important for our success. But is it possible that procrastination tomorrowthese means of communication can relieve us of stress and possibly make it easier to spark new ideas and therefore enable us to see what our goals really are. Some tasks may be so stressful to attempt that working under pressure is sometimes offered as an excuse for procrastination. Some feel that by placing yourself close to a deadline it encourages productive ideas. I myself find, especially in writing this newsletter, that working under pressure is a little more exciting and challenging. So instead of filling ourselves with stress, guilt and anxiety, why not start the New Year off by giving yourself a break. I mean that both mentally and physically. If you find a particular task too procrastination waitingoverwhelming and find yourself procrastinating, re-evaluate it. Maybe it is not as urgent as you think or maybe there are parts of it that can be eliminated. What I am saying is that procrastination to some might be a necessary delay for others. If you decide that procrastination is hindering you, first make sure that the feeling is coming from within and not pressure from other people. If it is truly felt, surround yourself with energetic, inspiring people, clean your workplace and just re-clarify what your goals really are. It is the beginning of a New Year. Don’t look back but look forward. Procrastination is very personal and if its works for you then there is no reason to lay unnecessary guilt upon yourself. An interesting way to begin this year is with a ”Not to do List” as opposed to a “To Do List”. And remember just doing is better than doing it perfectly.

What food do you crave?…

   When hunger strikes take a moment. Are you simply hungry? craving confusionDid it come on suddenly after stress? Determining if you are simply wanting nourishment (physical hunger) or if you are wanting a specific food (emotional hunger) can go a long way in preventing you from over eating and also consuming too much of the wrong foods. Take a moment to think about the last time you gave into this particular craving because of stress. Did you feel satisfied after or were you feeling guilty?


Food of the Month…Brazil Nuts

brazil nut podBrazil nuts…     

  Brazil nut trees grow mostly in very dense forests. They are native to Bolivia, Brazil and Peru.  Brazil nut shellTrees can live up to 500 years. Pods weigh about 5lbs and each pod contains about 25 nuts. Extremely high in mono-unsaturated fats which aid in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Although they Brazil nut unshellare high in calories brazil nuts are also very high in vitamins and minerals. They are especially high in selenium. In fact one brazil nut provides more selenium than you can obtain from supplementation. Selenium is an important trace mineral for prevention of coronary artery disease, liver cirrhosis and cancer.  ( check out recipe of the month above)


Guiltless Protein Pancakes…                                                                                       Ingredients: - Whole grain (I prefer Arrowhead Mills Organic brand) pancake mix                         (follow directions to make 6)                                                                                                                – Add the following to recipe:                                                                                                              -1 scoop of vanilla Whey protein powder                                                                                            -1 heaping tablespoon of 1% cottage cheese                                                                                     -1 heaping tablespoon of milled flax seed

-Place all above in high speed blender
-After you pour batter on skillet place
diced apples and chopped brazil nuts in batter
-Top with pure maple syrup and serve
Alternative use:
– Chopped almonds or walnuts and pecan halves can replace brazil nuts.
– Sliced bananas are a good replacement for apples.





*Great breakfast if you are planning an active day

New product from the Fabric world…

suede   Mushroom Fabric: 

One of the newest fabrics being introduced to the luxury market is apparel derived from microbes. To be more specific the root system of mushrooms. Biocouture, founded by  Suzanne Lee, has woven a fabric so thin and flexible that it resembles suede.suede roots They are now looking into bacteria, yeast and algae as other sources of sustainable production from nature. Sounds a little strange? What about silk made from silkworm excretions. 

Interesting Medical Possibility…

3-D Bio-printer: 
3-d printer shape Researchers at the “Organovo Bio Lab” have been able to reproduce a viable living tissue sample. One of the most significant is a liver sample which can now be used for drug testing purposes. These liver cells have been able to show toxic response in the presence of toxic chemicals. 3-d printer shoeThis will enable researches to weed out drugs that may prove dangerous much earlier then in the past. Hope is that some day replacement organs such as the liver and kidney can be reproduced using a person’s cells and therefore eliminate the need for rejection drugs.